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Compass Work events often take place in nature. It is an opportuntity to get in touch with yourself and others in an environment free from the distractions of everyday living. Check below for a schedule of live events.

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Questions about Compass Work

Compass Work is about finding your essence and uncovering your unique approach to the map inside each of us. 

It helps you to navigate your motivations and separate them from your behaviors.

Compass Work is designed to help individuals who want to improve their inner lives, in addition to their understanding and relationships with others.

However, special attention is offered to parents who want to understand themselves better, as well as help the teens and young adults in their lives, skip some of the pain of now knowing themselves and others. 

Compass Work is rooted in many learnings, including the Enneagram. The learnings help you connect with your essence and how to navigate various motivations.

The enneagram language is simplified to make it more accessible. It also focuses more on moving around the complete Enneagram and less on individual typing.

Compass Work connects you deeper to yourself and helps you to get unstuck. It enables you to gain a better appreciation and learn from the differences of others, rather than fear them.